Old Montreal is a small town in a big city. Since the early 90's, left behind with this old building, two real estate projects have reconnected with the history of heritage and its unique architecture in North America. The large-scale project at 1 McGill Street was the trigger for revitalizing this architectural gem. Building that at the time was a significant investment worth $ 35 million. Today such a building would require more than 100 million to build such a building. And whereas real estate has taken off in the mid-95s, several real estate developments have emerged, including Europa, The Quays of the Commune, The Caverhill, Saint Helena, Saint Regis, Heritage of the Old Port , The Solano to name just these. More than 1 billion in real estate value was born in this beautiful sector of Ville Marie "The NEW Montreal." 

The 1 Mc Gill was definitely the building that was the starting point of this craze for LIVING in a neighborhood that many Montrealers and subsequently internationally discovered this haven. A whole new feature of VIVRE on the edge of the Old Port and its edge of the water in Montreal. Of course time passes but the stones will stay. It is a pride to have such a beautiful neighborhood of any age. The variety of several buildings makes this neighborhood a place where little or no real estate purchase is available. I have had the pleasure of working as a real estate broker for 26 years. What enthusiasm to have this real estate privilege to meet extraordinary people. A place where you can LIVE with holidaymakers or on a daily basis by finding more and more services. Old Montreal is a neighborhood where real estate is an insured value. As a real estate broker since all these years, this area of ​​Ville Marie has always been a winner at the level of the resale for its owners. And for the buyer a value add for his quality of life and his services.

Definitely LIVING in such a great place is just a good investment in your quality of life. Whether you are looking to sell or buy both combinations will be winning. It is a prosperous and pleasant place. Walking in Old Montreal at the sound of his footsteps.

It will be a pleasure to meet you some day.

Patricia Lallier

1 McGill 901-913

This condo unit offers the panoramic view on the Old Montreal and the water river. Any room you have a magnificent view there. With a 3 bedrooms plus one office space, this unit have more than 2 200 square feet. Included 2 private indoor parking. 1 balcony in the garden side.

Patricia Lallier

1 McGill 901-913

Patricia Lallier Sothebys Quebec

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Monday, 11 December 2023