A possible rate hike?

The Federal Reserve is considering another interest rate hike. Is it possible to draw a parallel with the debt ceiling? Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen did not seem positive yesterday during an interview about the June 1, 2023 deadline for refusing to raise the debt ceiling. The Federal Reserve on the other hand cannot print without the consent of Congress which does not seem to be going in that direction.

Raising rates further will only serve to put a bandage on the debt, but on the other hand make sure that inflation will continue to gallop. Powell and Yellen are looking for solutions that no longer exist for a thriving economy. The latest tools available to them only prolong the reality of a debt system that is coming to an end.
Investing in real estate is still a sustainable solution for those who can do it. History has taught us that in times of turbulence.


Taux d'intérêt et inflation
Mai 2023

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023